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5 Things You Didn't Know About Gamifying Market Research

The gaming industry is bigger than the Film, TV and Music industries combined. Don’t you think it’s about time market research got in on the fun? At ThisThat we’ve gameified market research. This has pretty considerable implications on the quality of the data, the speed of a reports’ turnaround and the ability for companies to respond to rapid changes in buyer behaviour and adapt campaigns accordingly. Check out 5 reasons why ThisThat’s platform has changed the game forever by gameifying market research:

1. Fun = intrinsic motivators

ThisThat’s platform has in built GIF’s, videos, comment threads and reactions. There’s no sign ups, no downloads and the web app is easily integrated on every platform. Now, that’s what I’m talkin' about. The gameified element, in which respondents are immediately able to see where their response sits compared to others, animated graphs and rapid tappable responses, means young millennials and Gen-Z actually enjoy taking part. Endorphins anyone? Motivated by the pure pleasure of enjoyment rather than vouchers or ca$h dolla dolla.

2. More data = more insight

Fun is an integral element to the legitimacy of ThisThat’s data. Respondents enjoy the survey environment, so are incentivised to stay, such that they continue to answer further questions and give honest responses, unmotivated by vouchers or extrinsic motivators. More data = better data and better insight which can feed into your company’s marketing machine.

3. Engage niche hard to reach audiences

We recruit respondents via social ads, which allows us to dive into niche demographics to a granular degree. Smooth Spotify jazz listeners? Coffee drinkers based in Queens, NYC? Procrastinators? Students? Easy peasy. Say goodbye to panels which take months to screen relevant respondents, lookalike audiences and vague demographic. Dive into psychographics – behaviours, interests, social pages followed, the limit is only your imagination and what can be defined on social. You can potentially survey the very audience who will be buying your product, thereby increasing confidence in your strategy.

4. Binary question style

If you hadn’t already guessed from the name, ThisThat only ever gives two options for a response, this or that. Consequently, there’s little voter fatigue, as can often occur in more traditional survey types. The uptake in fact has been quite extraordinary, with an opinion expressed every 2 seconds on ThisThat. Our ability to cross filter different questions, results in insight that is incredibly deep, despite the binary design. Essentially, it means every question has the opportunity to become a way to cut into the data and a demographic. (Ooooh aaah). It's getting pretty nerdy over here, but I’m not hating it.

5. Fast turnarounds allow you to optimise campaigns quickly

Traditional market research and Brand Uplifts often take so long to gather insight, that the data is no longer relevant to the client, or the company no longer cares. Avoid that pitfall! Identify new opportunities which can then feed into a campaign’s evolution and targeting logic. Gather insight rapidly, with an agile operating data model that’s capable of generating results within a three week time frame. Test consumer behaviours and react quickly to change, pre, mid or post campaign and see which elements resonate with different groups of customers and tailor your messaging, content and offers around results. Enjoy the luxury of brand and insight consultancy that truly understands your ever changing consumer base.

ThisThat’s platform has changed the game forever in data with our embeddable web surveying platform and we’re pretty sure once you start using us, it’ll be a game you won’t ever want to stop playing.

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