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Revolutionising brand lift and making it accessible for all.

Brand Influence

ThisThat's award-winning solution. Designed with a social-first mindset, capture brand lift metrics and identify untapped insights from audiences who saw the campaign in the real world.

With Brand Influence our goal is to significantly increase effectiveness, performance, and ROI.

Verified real world campaign exposure

Creative, targeting and distribution learnings

Best-in-class measurement + insight

Blueprint for optimisation

From 3 days post fieldwork

Brand Lift 2.0

Test the effectiveness of your creative on target audiences allowing you to understand the why behind campaign performance and present the success at any point.

With Brand Lift 2.0 our goal is to offer fast and budget-friendly tailored solutions, built around your needs so you can create repeatable and scalable performance.

Simulated asset exposure

Directional measurement

Optimise measurement and targeting

Quick, easy and affordable

From 3 days post brief, pre, mid and post-campaign

Always ON

We see ourselves as your partners, collaborating to prove the impact of influencer marketing and elevating the industry in the process.​

With a solution suited to each account and campaign budget, embed ThisThat’s approach across your portfolio, with the common goal of:

Agile and continuous optimisations

Increasing campaign budgets

Expanding markets with a clear GTM

Building confidence and eliminating guesswork

Competitive edge and flexible packaging

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