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Explore how our proprietary survey and analysis platform translates measurement into unprecedented insights

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Best Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer Marketing Awards 2022

Industry Choice of Technology

Influencer Marketing Awards 2022

Built for speed and simplicity, our platform is bursting with features that make creating a survey effortless. Import prebuilt questions from the question bank and add supporting documents for the whole team to access in a few clicks.

Put your survey live immediately, or schedule a future release. Send it out to the world, or precisely control who can submit responses.

Effortless study design

Collect responses from billions of social media users, or use built-in panels to target demographics and rapidly fill responses. Drag and drop assets to test unlimited content or simulate exposure with ease. Then, compare data sources to find the most effective influencers, channels and campaigns, and configure brand lift exactly as you need.

Collect data rapidly

Brand lift is deeply embedded into the platform. Select your control (unexposed) and test (exposed) data sources and watch your data come to life with brand lift charts, badges and results.

Filter the test groups to explore your data and feel confident in the results with automated at-a-glance statistical significance.

Built for brand lift

Our Survey

You know it, and we do too... surveys are boring. So, we built the world’s first fun survey experience. It delivers 10x completion rates compared to more traditional survey platforms.

Our technology enables surveying influencer communities at scale through social, and empowering people to give feedback to marketers.

Discover insight through infinite data cuts and groups, using our powerful filters and chart builders. Explore the data with confidence and uncover statistically-significant deep links between drivers and KPIs.

If you need fine-grained control, export the results with unlimited data cuts. Or, if you want someone else to run analysis or view the results, share access with a secure link.

Insight, your way

Exclusively invite only.

Available for gold and platinum partners

Our SaaS platform, Built for you


Uncover quality insights across multiple brands


Gain rapid, accessible campaign measurement


Test assets' effectiveness before you post them

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