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Panels are dead... ThisThat is social led

Using panels to recruit respondents, instead of social ads?! UGH! As if. That’s what we’d call a major mismatch. There’s a big ole gaping hole in how most market research companies run insight for Brand Uplifts and Exploratory research. They use panels to find survey respondents…. You know the ones, where people get paid 3p to take a survey, or win a voucher for their nan. In Daniel H. Pink’s book Drive, he talks about what motivates people and the idea that incentivising people with money or treats, actually doesn’t work and instead leads to worsened productivity. Within market research, this is a pretty big deal because it means using respondents from panels, leads to rushed, less authentic opinions and worse data.

Let’s look to the animal kingdom for a hot sec to show you the impact of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. In an experiment, two groups of monkeys were given a task, group A received a grape upon completion, the other group received nothing for their pains. For the first week, the monkeys given grapes (group A) were much more productive. But by the second week, once they’d gorged themselves on those sweet sweet grapes, group A appeared unmotivated. Monkey group B became the more productive group because they were motivated by intrinsic factors to do the job – satisfaction, learning, an interest in completing the task well. We can deduce therefore that incentivising survey respondents with extrinsic factors, like shiny toys, cash or vouchers results in poor work and consequently worse data.

We use social ads to recruit respondents and people take part purely because they want to. ThisThat’s fun surveying platform ensures respondents remain within the environment and answer more questions. In fact, around 30 opinions are given a minute per person on ThisThat. In built GIF’s, reactions, comments and video content ensure respondents enjoy taking part and social ad targeting means they only ever click through to the survey if genuinely interested in the topic. ThisThat’s surveying platform lives on social media where 53.6% of the worlds population spend an average of 2½ hours a day. Even a panel with 300m people across 150 countries has nothing on us. Targeting respondents via social also means that the results gathered can then directly feed into your marketing campaign. Survey the same audience that you then target with social ads. Now, THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about.

There’s a simple reason marketing teams often fail to understand Gen Z. The data used to drive decision making is not representative of their needs. Gen-Z live on social, not on panels and if you want to understand them, your insight partner needs to be using their language! Real time data also doesn’t offer recommendations. This is where our bespoke design studies ensure you are provided with action orientated insight that keeps you on trend and aware of new opportunities. ThisThat is your secret weapon to generate insight which evolves and impacts in line with your marketing strategy, pre, mid or post campaign. We’re made for the ever curious innovators, industry leaders and agile, ambitious teams, are you one of them? Book a meeting and let’s find out.

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