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How Market Research is Failing Gen-Z

Let’s get real here. There is a fundamental issue within the market research industry in how it attempts to engage and understand Gen Z.

The surveying landscape as you know it sends notoriously hard to reach audiences to snoooozeville, few open the surveys and very few complete them. You may even trigger some pretty negativó emotions towards your company if it’s particularly bad. No insight company is actually gearing research towards capturing young audiences opinion or gathering analysis fast. Until now.

At ThisThat we’ve built the world’s first fun surveying platform (wild, we know). Our market research is gameified and built for the digital age, collecting trusted data in rapid timeframes.

Social media embedded surveys

Our surveys are embedded into social media, no downloads, no sign up, which means young audiences actually enjoy taking part. And we target FB ad definable audiences to recruit reponses, which means you know exactly the audience to target for next time. The environment includes GIF’s, video, reactions, comments and engages respondents in such a way that they want to remain in the space and continue “playing”.

At ThisThat we see data as storytelling

Our ads are so effortlessly integrated on socials, that respondents barely even notice they’re taking part in a survey. We’ve found there is a 10x conversion from ad reach to response (Sometimes even up to 40x, which is pretty sweet if we don’t say so ourselves) and a new opinion expressed every 2 seconds.

And best of all, the opinions shared are honest, unmotivated by monetary gain or vouchers. Our respondents are there because they want to be, which leads to genuine responses and better data for your company. Plus rapid response recruitment and real time access means you’ll never have outdated analysis, and will be making on trend, relevant decisions.

Data doesn’t tell you why you should give a s•••. Insight does

We help you understand the “why” not just the “what” of an audience response. Allow me to explain. Crusty stats presented in a long ass report, often don’t actually tell you why a campaign was successful. For example, most Brand Uplift’s give you the lift on the campaign you just ran, but give very little food for thought on how you can make the next one better.

Our surveys are embedded into social media with GIF's, video content, reactions and comment threads. No downloads, no sign ups. The dream.

Allow me to get a little nerdy here. In ThisThat Brand Uplifts, we will tell you both how traits of the target group correlated to lift, the exact impact each influencer had to the brands KPIs and provide recommendations for content creation and distribution optimisation going forward. And if that doesn’t sound a helluva lot better than your average brand uplift, what does?!

In exploratory research, gaining an understanding of why an audience responded to a certain piece of creative in a certain way or how your company fits into the jigsaw puzzle of its competitors, is likewise barely tapped into. That’s where ThisThat’s Audience Insight comes in (drum roll please).

How ThisThat does Audience insight better

Actionable insight to optimise campaigns

We specialise in niche audiences that cannot be found on panels, recruiting via social ads. We understand what makes audiences tick, their behaviour and how best to communicate with them in a campaign. We dig into the “why”, giving you action orientated insight that feeds into your next campaign and helps to narrow down your target group with our influencer and audience testing.

We dig into the “why”, giving you action orientated insight that feeds into your next campaign.

Relative brand perception

Our new question type, tournament mode lets you understand your relative brand perception. Translated, that’s how your company measures up against its competitors to an exact numerical degree. It’s the same maths they use to rank chess players. Shout out to any Queen’s Gambits fans here.


Let’s be real. Data can be real dull. But at ThisThat we see data as storytelling. In our latest exploratory research project for International Women’s Day, the data was used to spark conversations between influencers and female founders for a video interview series – “Can young Women do whatever the f••• they want?”and “Do Brands Truly Care About Women”. For any report, the data output is never boring. Our in house creative team of copywriters and graphic designers always manage to spin an engaging cohesive narrative out of the data. Giving you insight that is both enjoyable to read and potentially game changing for future partnerships.

Gaming is bigger than the Film, TV and Sports industries combined. Don't you think it’s about time it shook up the market research industry? We do. Stay ahead of the curve and get in touch to launch your first project with ThisThat.

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