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Barbie stealing our pink limelight

#Barbie out on Friday. Not necessarily eagerly anticipating the release but it goes without saying the marketing behind this movie has been unprecedented. Projected to make $155m in the opening weekend alone, the stats only get more impressive:

🤝 Mattel partnered with over 100 companies to target a whole host of demographics from gamers to runners to beauty enthusiasts and much more. The aim to retain and excite existing fans and convert Barbie haters to people who might watch the movie.

🎥 Between 2001 and 2021 Mattel released over 40 animated movies featuring Barbie characters. Talk about sparking curiosity, building a movement and hype for a project/product that has been around for 64 years.

🧐 The movie’s marketing campaign wasn’t just about billboards and trailers. It was about immersing the world in the Barbie universe. There have been countless activations from the London Eye turning pink, Margot Robbie's and Ryan Gosling's ad over Love Island breaks imitating contestants, a Love Island contestant actually having a cameo in the movie, to Barbican - a London Tube stop changing its name to BARBIECAN, to billboards simply being pink - everywhere you look Barbie is around in small ways, big ways, in your face ways and discreetly.

The multilayered approach practiced OOH, TV, Radio, Social and Influencer distribution to build awareness, change perceptions and drive viewing intent and action, all the while remaining super relevant. Needless to say, pink is now synonymous with Barbie because the marketing has been so effective.

Our next challenge is making sure our ThisThat pink becomes synonymous with best in class impact measurement for Influencer marketing campaigns.

Well, Barbie, we're just getting started...

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