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Brand Uplifts were stuck in the 90s.... until now

Brand Uplift methodologies are stuck in the 90s. And not in a fashionable cute way… They haven’t been adapted to influencer markets agencies needs, nor evolved with the industry. At ThisThat, our insight measurement tools are actually built around influencer marketing agencies and generating insight around Gen-Z.

First, let’s get into the details on why a standard Brand Uplift doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of recruitment, speed and depth of analysis.

Traditional brand Uplifts don't work for influencer marketing

  1. Recruitment: Panels and claimed exposure

Currently, Brand Uplifts rely on a lengthy screening process to gather respondents, which forces you to rely on "claimed followers" and "claimed exposure" of influencers. Basically, by virtue of asking a respondent if they follow an influencer or campaign you’re trusting that they will remember and are being honest.

I don’t know about you, but if you asked me to list off all the people I follow on instagram, plus the content my eyeballs had been exposed to over the last day, I’d struggle. So, the current process builds your analysis from a pretty shaky foundation.

2. Speed: Slow reports and analysis

Brand Uplifts are an incredibly long process, from the month long recruitment process, to the amount of time it takes to draw together and deliver the insight. Sometimes the results take so long to come in that the data is no longer relevant to the client, or they simply no longer care. Which is a biiiig problem for influencer marketing agencies.

3. Why: No understanding of why a campaign performed the way it did

Your average brand uplift tells you the impact of your campaign. Plain and simple. (And in fact not that helpful). There’s very little analysis which helps you to understand why it performed in a certain way. Was it the influencers? The content? Selecting the right/ wrong target audience? Who KNOWS.

How ThisThat has revolutionised Brand Uplift for IMA’s

ThisThat has built the world's first fun surveying platform and integrated a specific kind of tech made for influencer marketing. This allows us to ascertain why a campaign performed the way it did for any Brand Uplift. So, we can unearth unique insight giving your company bespoke recommendations to help shape future campaigns. Doesn't that sound nice? We've iterated and improved upon every aspect where traditional Brand Uplifts fail: the recruitment process, duration, and an understanding of the "why" for any campaign.

1. Recruitment: Via social ads

Unlike most insight agencies who use panels, we recruit responses via social with whitelisting. Our social media embedded surveys, effortlessly gather respondents. We can target any niche group you’re after: whether it’s Gen Z, Spotify jazz listeners or coffee lovers. Niche audiences are kinda our thing.

2. Speed: Rapid turnaround times.

Experience a three week Brand Uplift from study customisation, through to survey creation, response recruitment and the final report. Cue *ooooh aaah* sounds.

3. Why = Tech built for Influencer Marketing Agencies (The Extra special ThisThat Sauce)

Our Brand Uplifts not only tell you how successful a campaign was, we tell you “why” giving you action orientated insight for campaign optimisation. Our insight measurement tools are actually built around influencer marketing agencies and their needs, with very specific kinds of testing to understand why a campaign was successful:

  • Content testing - We use this to measure and understand why your content was successful (or may not have been) in the campaign.

  • Audience testing - We’re able to link content testing to audience, using compare and filter tech which measures the susceptibility of any target group trait to lift for each key performance indicator.

  • Influencer testing - Measure the impact each influencer has to lift for each brand KPI. We're able to figure out which influencer performed best in the campaign and our tracking technology allows us to isolate their audience response for analysis.

  • Tournament mode – Our new question type, tournament mode lets you understand your relative brand perception. Translated, that’s how your company measures up against its competitors to an exact numerical degree. It’s the same maths they use to rank chess players. Shout out to any Queen’s Gambits fans here.

Even more excitingly…

What’s really special is adding in correlation analysis, between audience and influencer insights. Basically, you can validate your strategic decisions for each influencer and target group, or reflect and pivot for next time.

The cross pollination between ThisThat’s different kinds of insight makes you queen in influencer marketing. You’ll strengthen your position as the expert on target group and influencer selection, and your clients will look no further but to you for future work.

Remind me, why ThisThat?

Any old Brand Uplift will give you the “lift” of the campaign i.e. Did the influencers have an impact, was the campaign successful in bringing about your aim (increased awareness/ purchase etc), whatever the aim may have been for that campaign.

  • The methodologies used by more traditional market research companies are outdated for Influencer marketing.

  • Their reliance on panels and inferred following, results in insight that is built on fundamentally weak foundations.

  • With ThisThat we give you the “lift” of the campaign in half the time and with more trustworthy data, from an audience who actually saw the campaign’s content, as opposed to inferred exposure and claimed following.

  • Not only that, audience and influencer testing, plus tournament mode, ThisThat’s bespoke IMA testing give you a whole new depth of insight to help optimise future campaigns and trigger repeat business with your clients.

Well, what are you waiting for? A sign? Divine intervention? Join the 21st century and run your Brand Uplifts with ThisThat…. before everybody else does and you’re flailing to keep up. 😉

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