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The new 

Gold Standard

for Brand Lift.

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Born in Social,

Made for Influencer

Have you seen

our awards?

Best Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer Marketing Awards 2022

Industry Choice of Technology

Influencer Marketing Awards 2022



Revolutionising brand lift and making it accessible for all.



Current brand lift solutions are outdated. Welcome to the new gold standard.

What our partners say about us

“Great to have a tool that actually shows the influencer channel's effectiveness by getting true uplift responses from the audience affected and not just a random person who sees the content.”

Harry Hugo

Co-Founder, Goat

“ThisThat has gone above and beyond to help us find solutions and workarounds to measuring our influencer marketing campaigns. They are the gold standard for measurement.”

Talin Koutnouyan

VP Research & Analytics, Influential

“ThisThat's cutting-edge technology and unrivalled expertise in measuring influencer ROI has allowed us to truly unleash the power of creators for Meta Quest and understand its impact to optimise future campaigns.”

Bianca Spada
Social Media & Creators Lead, Meta

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