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Harness the power of Brand Lift to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

What is Brand Lift?

Our measurement solution, Brand Lift, is a survey-based approach to understand the effectiveness of your ad or campaign.

Behind the scenes, we'll survey two groups: one exposed to your assets (the test group) and another identical group not exposed to any assets (the control group).

The "lift" is the difference between the test and control group, showing the impact of your campaign.

Real opinions from real people, in just a few hours

Target your ideal market by age, gender, location and platform usage from our pool of over 30MM real people. Gather their opinions in hours.

Upload your assets

From influencer content to DOOH/OOH, just upload the campaign content you want to measure.

Step 1

Select your KPIs

Choose up to 5 full-funnel metrics you want to measure from brand awareness to purchase intent.

Step 2

Set your target auience

With access to over 30M real people across the UK and US, you can select your target market with precision.

Step 3

Get your results in hours

You'll get an email when the opinions are ready. Follow the link to analyse your results.

Sit back and relax until...

Why ThisThat?

Trusted on a global scale, ThisThat have redefined brand lift, setting the new gold standard for measurement.

The ThisThat 2D platform makes this industry-leading approach accessible to more campaigns, so you can harness to power of brand lift to deliver next-generation performance. 


Want to elevate your campaigns?

Let's get started

Ad-hoc credits

You choose the number of credits

$2,200 per credit

Full price, flexible

Starter bundle

Buy 10 credits at once for $8000

$800 per credit

64% discount with a bundle

Growth bundle

Buy 50 credits at once for $25,000

$600 per credit

80% discount


Our credit-based system offers flexible solutions for each use-case. Buy ad-hoc credits or choose bundles for great discounts. Spend one credit to test one asset.

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