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  • What is Brand Lift?
    Put simply, brand lift allows you to measure the impact of a campaign, against your Key Performance Indicators or KPI's. By comparing the survey results between two groups; one who have seen the campaign (exposed), versus the group who have not (unexposed). The difference between the unexposed and exposed groups is known as “lift." Lift = the impact of your campaign
  • What can I measure with a Brand Lift study?
    Our studies are fully flexible customisable, so we measure the individual KPIs that are most important to you across the brand funnel. Additionally, you will be able to add custom attributes to ensure that you are able to profile your target audience against your key KPIs.
  • What platforms can you run a brand lift study?
    Currently, we can run brand lift on both Meta’s Instagram and Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Linkedin and Twitch. However, as the social media landscape continually evolves so too will our social measurement capabilities for further platforms. If you don’t see a particular platform above that you are interested in running a brand lift study, please get in touch.
  • How do you verify exposure?
    ThisThat has a unique methodology whereby we retarget the audiences who have actually seen the influencer’s content. In this way, we ONLY sample respondents who have naturally interacted with or engaged with the campaign being studied.
  • How do you recruit your respondents cross platform?
    ThisThat recruits respondents in the same way across all social media platforms. We retarget audiences who have actually seen a creator’s content with our own ads to participate in the study.
  • Who do you work with?
    We work with some of the best marketing agencies and brands in the world. This includes global media, creative, influencer, PR and performance agencies as well as a variety of brands across a variety of markets including the likes of FMCG, Tech, Fashion, Retail and Direct to Consumer.
  • How do I know which solution is right for my client?
    Our team is here to help you decide which solution will give you the best ROI on your campaign’s budgets and goals. Please get in touch and let’s have a chat!
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